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S.R.FIRE SECURITY was founded 2010 with sole purpose to provide quality fire protection. Our products are made of highest grade of materials and our innovative designs insure the excellent performance that you expect.

S.R.FIRE SECURITY is a leading the most comprehensive range of fire- fighting equipment, right from fire extinguisher to fire tenders for home and industrial usage, as well as related accessories. The products are extensively tried and tested for reliability.

The adhere to strict international standards and bear the distinguished ISI mark of quality. Our products ensure that your home, office, factory, godown etc. are equipped to fight fire, if it happens. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry

OUR RANGE OF PRODUCTS ARE: ISI marked manual and automatic fire extinguisher and refills of various, types and capacities, fire fighting equipments and accessories, fire hydrants , delivery couplings, branch pipes, fire beaters , fireman axe ISI fire hose – cp rill, ISI AFFF foam compound, gas mask installation and direction of automatic fire hydrant and detection systems, CCTV installation, video door calling, time attendance machine etc.

Items that can be inspected in a fire audit:

Sprinklers Pump sets Fire hydrants
Fire extinguishers Hose reels Fire Blankets
Fire walls i.e. no voids in walls Checking the dry film thickness of intumescent Coatings applied to structural steel
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